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Terms Important in SEO

SEO Local

SEO Local
The term is important in SEO hmm still there who do not know? for the uninitiated do not be afraid, try Local SEO will explain about the important terms used in SEO optimization. There are several SEO term that might have been very often we hear. These terms have been a trade mark of blogs that exist in Indonesia.
Okay, without wasting a lot of time here are some important terms in SEO
1. SE (Search Engine)
Search Engine is a search engine, said search engine because it is an application that be used for search.

2. SEO (Search Engine Optimatization)
Seo is an effort to optimize search engine results

3. SERP (Search Engine Result Page)
SERP is the result of performing a search on a search engine

4. PR (Pagerank)
PR is the ranking of a blog or website, this ranking will affect the priority of the search results a search engine. The term PR is used by the Google search engine service.

5. GIP (Google Index Page)
GIP is the number of pages already indexed by search engines

6. GBL (Google Backlink)
GBL is the number of links to websites or blogs kesebuah address according to google database

7. Yip (Yahoo Index Page)
Yip is the number of pages already indexed by Yahoo

8. YBL (Yahoo Backlinks)
YBL is the number of links that go to the web address / blogs by database yahoo

9. MIP (MSN Index Page)
MIP is the number of pages indexed by search engines microsoft, also known as MSN is now the Bing

10. ALR (Alexa Ranking)
ALR is the ranking of a website / blog according to

11. ABL (Alexa Backlinks)
ABL is the number of backlinks sesebuah web / blogs by Alexa database

12. TUV (To Day Unique Visitor)
TUV describes the number of unique visitors on that day (different IP location)

13. TPV (Day To Page Visit)
TPV is the number of pages you've visited that day

14. YUV (Yesterday Unique Visitor)
YUV is the number of unique visitors the previous day

15. YPV (Yesterday Page Visit)
YPV is the number of pages you have visited the previous day

16. AUV (All Unique Visitor)
AUV is the total of unique visitors who have visited the website / blog

17. APV (All Page Visit)
APV is the total intensity of all the pages you have visited

18. Keyword
Keyword referred to as keywords

19. TAG
Is an identity tag, keyword, categories or labels

Meta Tags are HTML elements in a language that is used to apply the metadata in a web page / blog

21. Backlink
Backlink is a link back to the web / blog

22. Blogroll
Blogroll is a list collection of links or link exchange results

23. Blogwalking
Blogwalking is to visit the website / blog 
24. Link Exchange
Link Exchange is an exchange of links between one site owner and other .

Writing about Important In SEO terms, may be useful for all of us ..
By. SEO Local

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