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How to Remove Pages From Google SERP Posts

SEO Local

SEO Local
What is its function to remove pages from the post SERP (search engine results page / google)?
Sometimes there are some blog postings that we delete or remove, but the post is still entrenched in google index. This is what is called a broken link. To create a google hearts stay true to our blog, just delete the broken links from google index.

Please do the deletion action post pages from google index pages through some simple steps below:
1. Specify the pages to be removed, for example, we have http://yourblog.blogspot.com/2009/12/your post.html page

2. Go to Google Webmaster Tools. If not already have a google account, please make first.

3. Once entered into the dashboard add your website by click on "Add a site" until verification is complete. If the previous website you have entered in Webmaster Tools, please skip this step.

4. Click the name of your blog, so there dashboards to view your website.

5. In the Site Configuration section, click Crawler Access. Then on the right will appear a link Test robots.txt, robots.txt Generate and Remove URLs. Click on the Remove URLs

6. Click New Removal Request

7. Select the first option and click Next.

8. Fill the pages we want to delete. then click Submit Removal Request

9. Wait a few days and your blog page will disappear from circulation

Hopefully useful.
By. SEO Local

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Jack Donovan mengatakan...

Hello Bima,
Thanks for this posting, It's really help me. I have some pages on my blog, celebrity clan that I not really want on serp, I'm use your idea and seems it works


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Great article.
Great and valuable information.
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