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Step Beginning Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to be applied

SEO Local

SEO Local
Getting the best ranking in Google search results will bring a good impact in increasing visitor traffic. It should be applied to get the best ratings it is by implementing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a search engine optimization for web / blog.

From Wikipedia states, "Search engine optimization (English: Search Engine Optimization, commonly abbreviated as SEO) is a series of processes are carried out systematically in order to increase the volume and quality of traffic through search engines to visit certain web sites by utilizing the mechanism of action or engine algorithms
the search. "

For beginners who want to implement SEO in the web / blog, at least there are 3 initial steps that must be applied in SEO, ie, Keyword Research, Web page / blog, and Application Link.

Keyword Research

As the owner of the web / blog, surely you must have a main theme of the web / blog. After you specify the theme that you will wear, then the keyword research is needed to determine the main keywords related to the themes that have a high-level searches in the search results search engine (Google). In this case, I classify two types of web / blog, namely:

• Web / blog Personal Page
Web / blog does not necessarily need reseacrh to the home page, but keyword research for his articles may be required. The main theme that you use for web / personal blog surely yours is the name of your own so do not need need any keyword research.

• Web / blog General.
If you want a website / blog that has high traffic, you want to visit a lot of people, you have to do keyword reseach to determine the main keyword as one of the implementation of SEO. This keyword can be implemented on the use of a domain, title, meta description, headings, and footers.

From one theme you can specify multiple keywords, the number of keyword research can be done by using the tools of Google, Adwords Keywords External Tools (which you can read in previous posts) to get some keywords with a high value on Google search.

Web pages / blogs

Keyword that you get by doing further research can be applied to web pages / blogs.
• URL>> Make the main keyword as the domain for the homepage, and the application of keywords in the article to article page URL structure. 
• Title>> Make your main keywords on the homepage title series, and keyword article in the series title page article. 
• Meta Description>> same as the title, make it the main keywords and keyword phrases supporters made a series of page descriptions. 
• Heading>> put the keywords in heading tags on a page <h1>. 
• Footer>> also put the title of your yard in the Footer to reinforce the keywords in the page. Articles>> put a sentence or paragraph containing the word keyword in the main paragraphs, and use bold style (bold) on those keywords.

Application Link.

In the application of links, which take into account is the Internal Link and backlinks.
• Internal Link
This link is a link to another page on the web / blog itself. If you write articles that are related to another article in the blog, then use internal links (anchor text) on terms that lead to articles on other pages.
Application of internal links can also be done by applying a related post on the kind of the same article tagline at the bottom of each article. 
• Backlink
Backlinks are links from the web / other blogs that go to the web / blog. Backlinks are important points to create a high-traffic requests. So you have to do is to spread the backlinks on the web / other web. This can be done by spreading and put links in social bookmarking, social networking, forums, comments on the web / other blogs and other web-web by using keywords in anchor text.

At least that three initial steps that you should apply in building a web / blog for Search Engine Optimization. Please comment if you have anything to discuss.
By. SEO Local

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