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SEO Local

SEO Local
Friends of all .. this time we will talk about how to improve SEO for beginners. feel ashamed if I think a lot of talk about SEO local SEO here. Because SEO local itself is also more work on improving their SEO local blog SEO. But there's nothing wrong IIPA no SEO local can share knowledge and discussion about SEO with all my friends. Who knows the SEO local to new knowledge and friends can also be a new science of SEO.

SEO is a science of science combined with art in the world wide web or blog. Why SEO  local
said art in the world of SEO .. because we need to learn to compose words of a keyword, so that sentence structure can be beautiful and good. Well .. that's her art improve our SEO. So once we need to learn the tricks of SEO.

From year to year, changing the formula from Google, so we need to pay attention to the tricks of SEO on every year. Now in the year 2010, proved to have a SEO trick that is different from the previous year. Like what's the difference and what are the tricks .. yuk us discuss one single

Tricks to increase SEO in 2010:
1. SEO tricks first, Keyword cultivated throughout the paragraph. Well in this case, for you and your blog as a SEO local beginners, must learn stringing words and put each keyword in each paragraph of us. With keywords evenly distributed search engine google will make it easier to find our pages. This is demonstrated in the keyword bus author is a multiple popular search engines.

2. SEO Tricks second, use a title that contains keywords you. Because google will usually prefer the title or name of the blog that match keywords.

3. SEO Tricks Third, mark each keyword with a Bold or Underline or a different color

4. Fourth SEO Tricks, Increase backlinks of your articles on the blog - blogs do follow. Try your search for backlinks on the web that has a theme similar to your blog.

5. SEO Tricks fifth, to check the number of backlinks you, please use the backlink checker engines such as backlinkwatch (dot) com or checklink (dot) com.

6. SEO Tricks sixth, do the ping for your backlinks quickly in the crawl by google

Well .. all .. until a friend here tricks SEO 2010 reviews about her ... one day again be the writer continued. 
By. SEO Local

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