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Use Anchor Text on SEO Local

SEO Local

SEO Local
Text on web pages which if clicked will bring us to another place in the call Anchor text, can be a specific location on the same page, be another page on the same website, or a page on another website. In general, the anchor text in the form of writing is blue and underlined. If we move the mouse over the text, then the cursor will change. If the click will bring us to another location. With sophisticated technology, website development, blue text and underlined are not a benchmark anymore because there are techniques that can control the appearance.

In this tutorial use SEO keywords as anchor text obligatory. The important thing is the use of anchor text allows us to get two benefits at once from our chosen keywords. When search engine crawlers to read the anchor text on your page, he will detect that the text contains links. These links provide an indication to search engines about the content of the destination page and its relevance to the page where the anchor text is located. So if you use keywords in anchor text, we will get two benefits ranking keyword anchor text to the page where it belongs, and ranking of keywords for the page destination.

Of course there are exceptions from the concept. In SEO there are always exceptions. Use keywords in anchor text that excessive can cause search engine ranking reduce our website, or even totally blocking our website from the search results as a whole. Optimization of excessive if we repeatedly  using anchor text with the same keywords, with no variation.

The technique often used is if we choose the keywords that consist of two words, then we use each word in a different anchor text on their own, and done repeatedly, with the aim that the search engines give a high ranking for those keywords . With the eyes of visitors, usually it looks so odd. Although there was a lot of success stories using SEO technik  like this, for when this should be avoided, because search engine algorithms have the ability to detect things like this.

The most appropriate practice is to place the anchor text that uses keywords, in a paragraph that has relevant content. In this case, the anchor text is as important as text in a paragraph in the vicinity. Note also that the destination page or website should also be relevant, as far as possible keywords used in anchor text is contained in

Example implementation of SEO techniques can to see on the blog. Generally the writing is displayed on the blog page will have anchor text containing keywords, which led to another page whose content is relevant and its title contains the keyword. Placement can be in the form of contextual reference in the sentence, as well as with specific lists, such as the most popular list, or list the most commented posts. The contents of these lists have a link to another page whose contents are relevant. Another thing that can be exploited is by preparing a sitemap. Sitemap generally a list of page titles that are achor text, also on click will bring to the pages whose title is listed there. In terms of SEO, therein lies the benefit sitemap.

In conclusion although the keywords and anchor text seem like something completely different, in fact both have a very close relationship, especially when viewed from the synergy of the two in boost the ranking of our website.
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