Sabtu, 26 Februari 2011

How to Obtain the Optimum SEO Results

SEO Local

SEO Local
How long have you played SEO? And, how many keywords you are successful optimization? Of course everyone has their own answer. Regardless of your answer, have you ever thought about how to obtain a more optimal SEO results?

Then, how? Easy! Back to basics! Most people use strange technique to optimize their website, but the results are often unsatisfactory. Now back to basic point here is to return to the initial Google rules. Examples of on page optimization, we deal with the title, headings, keywords, description, alt tags, and content of course. Follow Google's instructions correctly. 

Some other tips to optimize your website SEO results is to focus on the natural link building. If you can avoid using automated link building software whatever its type. Why do we say this? Link building is made using the software are often not qualified and links are obtained not from the websites that have good authority in the eyes of Google. Thus the results obtained was not optimal, rather than natural link building.

Is it true that our opinion the above? Although not necessarily true 100% but so far, that's what we believe. Obviously we have done some experiments before, before we come to the conclusion above. Ever we tried to play in a fairly competitive niche where other websites that are on the first page has backlinks in enormous quantities (tens of thousands of backlinks even more!) While our website only had about poor backlink
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